The Russian RTB market amounted to 1.2 billion rubles in 2013

ADFOX presents the third regular «Russian RTB market Overview», which sums up the development of the programmatic segment of online advertising in Russia in 2013. In the first half of 2013, the Russian RTB-market was estimated at 0.4 billion rubles ($12-13 million) and in the second half of the year RTB sales twice exceeded the indicators of the first six months. By the end of 2013, the Russian RTB market has reached 1.2 billion rubles. It is 6% share of the display advertising market, 20.1 billion rubles ($37.7 million) in 2013, according to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies.

Last year, experts predicted that by the end of 2013 the Russian RTB market would account for about 2-5% of the entire display advertising segment. Thus, the growth of programmatic buying market is ahead of expectations. Despite the market lost some of the players that loudly announced themselves, they were replaced with new technological companies and Western players.

Russian RTB market ecosystem


Nikita Pasynkov, COO ADFOX: «In 2013 RTB the market in Russia has developed rapidly. New players started their business and companies that started earlier have decided on their specializations. More tools and opportunities for RTB-buying became available for advertisers. As a result, the market has grown significantly, and in 2014 this growth will continue».

More and more major Russian Internet projects enter RTB market, offering their inventory through various advertising exchanges or experiment with creating their own technologies. The traffic purchased via the RTB model demonstrated steady growth over the year. Moreover, the growth has been developed not only by the increase in number of provided inventory, but also by increasing the percentage of sell-out. 240x400 remains the most demanded ad type, its share in the total volume of RTB-sales has risen up to 80%. The next most popular is the ad type is 728x90, other formats are almost ousted.


% of purchases in relation to the traffic put on sale (according to ADFOX SSP)

Boris Omelnitsky, CDO ADFOX: «Over 2013 we saw continuous growth in the percentage of traffic purchased via the RTB model while the number of ad impressions put on sale grew slower. This means that market growth is based, first of all, on the work of the auction mechanism and the willingness by advertisers to buy a more expensive targeted audience».

According to forecasts, in 2014 the share of RTB in the total volume of the display advertising in Russia can reach 10%. This fast growth is based also regarding the agreement between market giants Yandex and Google, Western players appearing on the Russian market and development of programmatic direct concept. Programmatic direct allows agencies and DSPs to use the RTB opportunities, working directly with publishers.

Experts also expect that 2014 will be dedicated to the introduction of involvement of large platforms in auctions, development of brand safety technologies and integration of Russian site’s inventory with Western DSPs.

You can download the full text of the «Russian RTB market in 2013 Overview» here.

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